iPod and Laptop Sound Systems

You’ve never heard your music like this before-


Looking for an innovative new way to bring great music to your next without going over your budget? Do you want great sound at affordable prices? Are you looking for somebody to take care of it all?

iPod sound systems are a popular new way for smart event planners, brides and grooms, and partiers to save some money on their audio costs while still enjoying all the features of a full professional sound system… Let Chicago Sound deliver your custom music salvation – iPod and Laptop Sound Systems!
How It Works:

You supply the iPod or laptop and we’ll bring a great sounding system. We provide you with a sound system, microphone, and an iPod connector cable. Plug in your iPod, your laptop, even your old Hi-Fi! We’ll set everything up and show you how to operate our intutitive and easy-to-use sound equipment.

Check out our sound rental packages, prices with delivery starting as low as $325 per day!

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